Well I’m a Mom, Sister, Wife, Friend who enjoys JustLivinLife!
I spend my time Cycling, Run/Walking with my 1 1/2 old Goldendoodle Bentley and love my family and friends and of course a good Book and Glass of Red Wine.. Some call me a gadget freak or geek as keep up on the latest in Technology and am a Facebook junkie.   I just recently lost my older brother who had a ZEN for life and also JustLivedLife and he may be gone but he inspires me every day just live!!

You will see that I will be posting about allot of the things I enjoy doing and will add a blog — AskJacquie!
On the other side, I have a very supportive husband and three kids and two whom are still in high school.  You will also find that I love to take photos and hope your enjoy them.