Well I finally did it! I created my own website to display my photography of life! Seniors, Wedding Receptions, Senior Balls and of course the landscapes that I have taken lately! I hope you all get a chance to check it out and I am hoping to take your photos as yourself, families, major events and more and of course if you like some of my landscape, moon, nature and life photos they are great GIFTS! I am working on my pricing but you can always message me and I will continue to load more of my work and thank ALL OF YOU FOR INSPIRING ME TO TAKE A PHOTO EACH DAY AND OF COURSE WHAT INSPIRES ME AND OF COURSE MY DOG BENTLEY AND MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY THAT PUTS UP WITH ME. LAST BUT NOT LEAST where JustLiviNLife Photography came from . .the name came before he passed away but continues through me every day and moment — JustLivinLife — Mahalo For Now: Anthony Valerio Memorial Page and Anthony M. Valerio our beloved friend, son, brother, firefighter and paramedic!

Love to you all! Jacqueline Samsel