@Murray Schneider — Thank you for writing this article and to all of you that live in the area that have given your support and strength to Station 26 and to our families. Jacqueline (Valerio) Samsel

The Glen Park Association

Story and photos by Murray Schneider

June 2, 2012

One year to the day that Lt. Vincent Perez and Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Valerio lost their lives combating a Diamond Heights house fire, an estimated throng of nearly 300 family, friends, neighbors, firefighters and police officers spilled from Station 26 on Digby Street to observe a moment of silence and to dedicate a memorial garden to both them and the memory of Lt. Louis Mambretti who perished in a fire on Everson Street in 1995.

The day began overcast, but by the time Captain Anita Paratley, who was assigned to E 26 six months after the tragic 133 Berkeley Way fire, stepped up on the porch overlooking a garden designed by landscape architect Elise Tilson, the sun had peeked between clouds that had earlier blanketed the neighborhood.

“Lou, Vince and Tony served valiantly,” said Paratley, a 23-year veteran of the San Francisco…

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